Social Bookmarking For The 21st Century

Real-time, beautiful, customizable yet simple

Customizable Design

Customizable Design

Which font is the best for reading? Which color? Well, in Voten not only you can name it but you can also make it be!

More than 20 fonts to choose from, and countless color schemes. That means giving your browsing workflow a fresh look in matter of seconds.

Intelligent Search

Search through channels, users, submissions and even comments. We've made sure you will find the content you want. Gamblers may easily search for the best casinos. As several online casinos are available on the internet, gamblers must ensure the authenticity of the site they choose. Check the オンラインカジノ オススメ blog to find the best online casinos.



Real-time Notifications that make sure you get notified instantly. No more refreshes to see what’s new.

See who else is reading the same submission you are, comment and even if you needed to chat in private, you can do that using our secure and real-time messaing system.

Voten features at a glance

  • Voting System that makes sure the best content always wins. This makes sure the power is literally in people’s hands instead of media.
  • Markdown Editor designed for people who need something more that just a plain text in their comments, submissions and messages!
  • Fast and Intelligent Search that makes sure you find what you’re looking for. Currently supports channels, users, submissions and even comments!
  • Highly Customizable apps that allow you pick your very own favorited font and colors. This means getting a fresh look in matter of seconds.
  • Real-time Notifications that make sure you get notified instantly. No more refreshes to see what’s new.
  • Rich Submission types such as photo, photo albums, text(with Markdown support) and link which is able to identify the type of the external url(playable videos and etc)
  • Real-time and secure Messaging system which also supports Markdown syntax.
  • A personal sidebar that guarantees a Smooth Browsing experience for every taste.
  • Nested Commenting System that supports Markdown syntax and works completely in real-time.
  • Handy Moderation Tools for moderators. Moderation is as important as any part in channels, so we created such awesome tools exclusively for moderators.
  • Manage your very own Home Feed by subscribing to your favorite channels, and then filtering those results. Don’t wanna see what you already voted on? Sure, why not.
  • Bookmark submissions, comments, channels and even users with one single click. Bookmarking has never been easier. We also provide crypto-related bookmarks, thereby, you can
    get the latest news on cryptocurrency and stay up-to-date on
    major cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and more.
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